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With a size of about 20,226 square kilometres (7,809 sq mi), the Ruaha National Park is the largest park in Tanzania and East Africa.The name of the park is derived from the Great Ruaha River, which flows along its south-eastern margin and is the focus for game-viewing.



Unrivaled Walking Safaris

The exceptional and unique landscape in Ruaha is best explored on a walking safari with top notch guiding which allows for a true immersion in African ecosystem.


Unique Primates

Some lesser known species can be found in Ruaha as well, including the wild dog, sable antelope, roan antelope, Liechtenstein’s hartebeest, and both Lesser and Greater kudu.


Brimming with Wildlife

Ruaha contains 10% of the worlds lion population, one of the largest cheetah community in east africa and elephants in the region of 20,000.



Thanks to the low number of visitors the experience in Ruaha N.P. is one of the wildest  in Africa. Most of the game viewing occurs in absolute isolation and solitude


It's Diverse Ecosystem

The park is a transitional point between two vegetation zones: the Zambezian (characterised by miombo vegetation) and Sudanian (characterised by acacia vegetation).


Biggest National Park in East Africa

At a size of 20,226 square kilometres (7,809 sq mi) the Ruaha National Park has a staggering amount of unspoilt wilderness waiting to be explored.


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The park is situated in central Tanzania between latitude 7 and 8° S and longitude 34 and 35° E] about 130 kilometres (81 mi) west of Iringa.


There is a wide selection of accommodation in or near the park. Lodges, tented public and special camps, self catering bandas and cottages are available in Ruaha National Park.


If you have any questions with regards to accommodation or Ruaha National Park contact us and let one of our experts create your dream safari.



The Ruaha National park offers fantastic day and night game reserves, boat rides, fishing, canoeing and walking safaris.


With a size of about 20,226 square kilometres (7,809 sq mi), the Ruaha National Park is the largest park in Tanzania and East Africa.


Th stars of Ruaha National Park are lions (the park is full of these predators), the large elephant crowds and kudus (easily sighted only here and in Selous), but all the traditional game are present.


Ruaha National Park is home to 10% of the world’s remaining lion population and is known especially for the large size of the prides – some numbering more than 20 individuals.

Endangered African Wild Dog

Also called the hunting dog, a vanishing species in Africa can be found in Ruaha. Field studies have shown that the wild dog is a highly intelligent and social animal. Like most predators, it plays an important role in eliminating sick and weak animals, thereby helping maintain a natural balance and ultimately improving prey species.


Germany gazetted the Saba Game Reserve in 1910. British colonial authorities changed the name to the Rungwa Game Reserve in 1946. In 1964, the southern portion of the reserve was excised and elevated to full park status. The most recent addition to the park was the former Usangu Game Reserve in 2008 which increased its size to about 20,226 square kilometres (7,809 sq mi), making it the largest park in Tanzania and East Africa

The park is a part of the 45,000 square kilometres (17,000 sq mi) Rungwa-Kizigo-Muhesi ecosystem, which includes Rungwa Game Reserve, Kizigo and Muhesi Game Reserves, the Mbomipa Wildlife Management Area, and several other protected areas



All big cats are regularly seen and wild dogs are the star attraction. They are especially easy to find when denning. Several antelope species that are rare or absent in Northern Tanzania, like greater and lesser kudu, roan and sable antelopes, are often encountered. 


The main feature of the park is the Great Ruaha River, which attracts loads of animals in the Dry season. The dominant vegetation is brachystegia woodland and some areas are dotted with the impressive baobab tree.

Best things to see in Ruaha National Park | do in Ruaha National Park

Wildlife Photography

With it's abundant wildlife Ruaha National park never fails to present some awesome photography opportunities. Sandbags for stability are available in our vehicles, which also have charging facilities.

Game drives

Due to the parks large size there is a lot to explore. A guided night drive is a rare and valuable opportunity to encounter Africa’s elusive nocturnal animals

Boat Safaris

Boat trip offer amazing opportunities to get up close with animals such as hippos as well as view a lot of game along the river as they come over for a drink of water.

Sport Fishing

There are a number of accommodations which offer sport fishing in Ruaha National Park.

Walking Safaris

A guided walking safari in Ruaha is a truly intimate way to experience the beauty and magic of this wild park. The guiding is superb, and encountering game on foot gives you a fully immersive wilderness experience that is thrilling and memorable.


The variety of birdlife in Ruaha is phenomenal with over 550 recorded species and an interesting mix of southern and northern varieties Take your binoculars and a bird guide, and prepare to be astounded by the number of species you can tick off the list.

WHERE TO STAY : Cottages | Lodges | Camps


There is a wide selection of accommodation in or near the park. There are also permanent or seasonal tented camps inside the park. There are also several park-operated public and special campsites, a hostel, self-catering bandas, and cottages. Just outside the park boundaries are several accommodation facilities

Ruaha Jongomero Camp

Ruaha Kigelia Camp

Ruaha River Lodge

Sunset Mountain Lodge


Ruaha National Park is hot and dry. Temperatures don't vary throughout the year, which is typical of its location close to the equator. Nights remain warm yearlong. The warmest months are October to March and the coolest are June to August. The altitude changes within Ruaha (from 720 to 1886m or 2362 to 6188ft) cause varied temperatures. They drop by about 6.5°C for every 1000m you climb (or 3.5°F per 1000ft). This may not affect tourists much, as the accessible area is mostly at lower altitude.

The Dry season occurs from May to October. Ruaha has one extended Wet season from November to April. Thunderstorms happen during the afternoon are common, but it is unusual for rainfall to last throughout the day.

Best time to go:

June to October

High Season:

June to October (Ruaha rarely experiences crowding at any time)

Low Season:

April and May (Many lodges close)

Best Weather:

June to October (Rains are extremely uncommon)

Worst Weather:

November to March (Wet season)


Did you know....

FUN FACTS :- Ruaha National Park covers an area of about 7,809 miles² (20,226 km²) | It is the country's biggest national park, gazetted in 1964 | over 1,650 plant species that have been identified in the park | The park is one of the Tanzania birds’ paradise with more than 571species | Ruaha is believed to have higher concentration of elephants than any National Park in East Africa


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